Saturday, June 04, 2016

Fusion Cloud web services: Deprecated does not mean obsolete

During a Fusion Cloud implementation we had the task of creating the conversion to Enterprise Contracts. To load the conversion data we created a script that utilises Fusion Cloud web services. During the implementation also a release upgrade was planned from Fusion Cloud R10 to R11. This release brought and unexpected occurrence with it, being the web service we used to invoke in our conversion script being deprecated and resulting in the following response:

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Integration with Oracle Fusion Applications Enterprise Contracts using web services

During our move at Profource from Oracle E-Business Suite R12 and Oracle Fusion R7 on-premise to Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud R10, we had the challenge to migrate projects and create Enterprise Contracts.
Although Oracle Fusion provides a way to create contracts using File Import Activities, the current functionality and scope of creating contracts was not sufficient for our line of business.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Complement your Oracle ERP conversion with CRM File Based Data Import

On a customer Fusion ERP implementing project and on our own Fusion ERP Cloud implementation, I had the privilege of creating and running the conversion of suppliers to Fusion ERP. Fusion provides to necessary File Based Data Import to load Suppliers, Supplier Addresses, Sites, Assignments and Bank Accounts.
To be able to load the Supplier Bank Accounts, the bank and bank branches need to be converted to Cash Managent first, for this the RapidImplementionForCashManagement sheet can be utilised.
Because these implementations have CGI validation enabled for SEPA payment files, it is enforced to have an address for the bank branches, al least a country code and this is where it's getting exciting.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Oracle HCM Cloud: Lessons learned and Tips & Tricks for a succesful implementation

The past couple of months, we worked on several global implementations of Oracle HCM and Talent Management Cloud. One of the projects (see press release) consisted of a Oracle HCM and Talent Management Cloud implementation in 40 countries as replacement of the current PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 environment. During this period we gained a lot of experience and expertise, that we would like to share with you as our lessons learned and tips & tricks.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Leverage the power of BI Publisher in Cloud integrations

By now we are all accustomed to running Applications in the Cloud and it has reached the next phase: extensibility and integrating of the Cloud Applications with other applications in our enterprise architecture. Oracle is investing a lot on this area with PaaS, IaaS, DBaaS, MWaaS, JaaS and everything else that ends with aaS. This will work fine if you are a Sales Cloud customer, where you have the ability to create custom objects, outbound calls, etc.

But what if you're a Cloud ERP or HCM customer? Integration here is currently limited to file based extracts, file based loaders, spreadsheet loaders and web services that have been made available to be consumed externally. In real-time integrations you may be confronted with data needs that are not (yet) available by the web services provided in Cloud Applications, but you also do not the tooling to create custom web services for these needs. Or do you?

Inspired by this blog of FA Developer Relations, I would like to demonstrate how you can create custom real-time data extracts on nearly any data that resides in Fusion, using the PublicReportService

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Calling a Fusion Applications web service from SOA Suite 11g

More and more customers are moving to Fusion Applications and as with all ERP systems, the need to integrate Fusion Applications with other (on-premise) applications is key is the customer's architecture. Although a lot of blogs on invoking a Fusion Applications web services have been written bij the A-Team and Fusion Applications Developer Relations and others, I still felt that the blogs missed some elements on getting started with this type of integration.
In this blog I will explain on how to invoke a web service of Fusion Application using SOA Suite 11g. For this blog I will be using a pre-build SOA Suite 11g PS6 virtual machine, that you can download from the Oracle site.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

SUI for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Part 3

In previous post I described how to install the Fusion Middleware components and the SUI application.
In this post I will describe the steps you have to take to implement Authentication & Authorisation.